Body Hacktivism

I just happened to see this article about cyborg artist Lukas Zpira,– I’m not totally sure how I feel about it yet, but I thought I’d share.

The manifesto of Body Hacktivism includes these ideas:

“Body hacktivists can only refute the validity of any patent, license or copyright relative to the body and its transformation.”

“Body hacktivism doesn’t include the need to be modified.”

“All modified persons are not necessarily considered as body hacktivists.”

“Body hacktivism is not a group and should foremost be perceived as a state of mind. . .”

Click here for the artist collective website.


About Sarah Goetz
By day, I teach Wired! Workshops, builds responsive websites, and creates work for the Link Media Wall at Duke University. By night, I am an artist who makes sewn paper installations, experimental films, and abstract watercolor paintings. I have the passion of an artist and the humor of a web designer, and I am soon to take over the world, or at least your vision of it

One Response to Body Hacktivism

  1. eah13 says:


    Not sure I’m willing to go along with these guys and get excited about the art or text, but interesting nonetheless.

    Interesting if one were to insert copyrighted genes into oneself (or make a virus to do so) as a form of genetic protest.

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