Brains and Super Brains: Seaman and Rossler

Second Class of Brains
Almost no one knows that there is not only a brain equation for solitary brains, but there is also one for “super” brains made out of many brains in a group. Super brains are still autistic, innocent like the mole rat society which implements the still to be written down super brain equation.
Seamand and Rossler, Neosentience, p. 233


  1. The Brain Equation.  If there is a brain equation, I think it will be kind of an average measure of network behavior.  I suspect it’s computationally irreducible in Wolfram’s sense.
  2. Super Brains.  An interesting idea, especially the autism.  Can demes or species acquire consciousness the way that we, colonies of unicellular clones (humans), acquire consciousness?  The individual would need to be subsumed, subjugated.  Some individuals would be the equivalent of skin cells, etc.  And the system would need to be resilient to malevolent cancers.
  3. Super Brain Equation.  Again computationally irreducible.  But see my post on emergent computational interactions.

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