very initial thoughts

A conversational writing exercise: to begin defining my interests

I am interested in the way we relate to physical space, how we understand or how we are attentive to our environment (awareness to heightening// intensify. ie: shape – mass, use imagination, reflect on phenom. experience, create relationships, delight)

Tangible and social computing and/or physical objects embedded with the ability to sense, integrate rich media, gather information… offers the opportunity to call people to an increased attentiveness of an environment/experience

(Connections to performance– ie: improv everywhere and other performative, immersive gestures. recently: technology performances  and  performative projections)

Drawing out the phenomenological but also the psychological

In a way this is what artists like Robert Irwin and Christo do. Except I like the idea of these experiences being hidden, embedded in space we already have a relationship with. So new experiences would be revealed where there once was nothing (projectors have a nice way of doing this)

So it would offer a new phenomenological experience (much like the artists) but could also offer a psychological meaning by drawing from the information wells of the digital versions of ourselves.

ie: alexandria in physical world /////// representation of alexandria in digital world

Modern art seems to be doing a good enough job as it is to suggesting a re-looking at the world. Why do we need technology to push us? I dont know. Perhaps also it is suggesting also an awareness to the fact that we are creating a digital version of ourselves. or perhaps it is bringing someone into the conerned awareness of information available– Perhaps this is talking more to Negroponte’s perspective that we can use interface as a way to filter this information “the role of the interface is to filter bombardment”

All of these thoughts go back also to how is digital culture influencing.. our experience of culture//time//ourselves//our environment

What I want to do with this interaction.. or suggest by making the person aware– i dont know………..Will i just be making an updated version of these contemporary installation artists- drawing us into awareness of the phenomenological?


About alexandria
Alexandria I. Jarvis Master of Graphic Design '12 North Carolina State University

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