uncanny valley: online exhibit

I love the uncanny valley exhibit within adobe museum and re-visited it tonight to review what it was all about.
Originally, I just loved the experience that the site created and the psychological nature of the exhibit.
Now I am drawn specifically to the content narrative of the exhibit as I am beginning to understand it more in relation to our experience of digital culture and how that digital experience translates into our orientation within the physical world.

I suggest experiencing the museum from the intro page but also some specific movements to note which I enjoyed in reference to thoughts on my project include…

Complex & info rich movements:

More Gestural:
New Media Fetish

And lastly, I noted the artists comments on this one (posted below):
Uncanny Valley

“Masahiro Mori poists that the closer machines come to resembling real humans, the more psychologically disturbing they become. Thus coining the term, The Uncanny Valley. Mori’s theory, however, is restricted to the effects of a human-like visage. Oursler’s Valley extends and deepens this theory to suggest the Internet, which is a mirror of human consciousness, is fast approaching the Uncanny Valley.”

The exhibit was designed by Tony Ousler and I didn’t realize until now that John Maeda was involved… interesting.


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