I have some questions that I would like to explore. I think my final project could be an interface of any kind of form that could communicate some special function (these functions will be the answers for my questions).

How the system can interact – react to people’s emotions?

How the system can INTERPRET human emotional conditions?

E.g. weather changes: How can the system “perceive” and transfer the “emotional” changes of the surrounding environment? (if today it’s rainy, system generates sad music).

E.g. people can upload their own picture and see the weather over this picture.

Reflection, then reaction of the system on the physical – natural parameters.

How can the information become sensitive? (Information reflects emotions of those people who perceive it, “emotional information).

E.g. How to organize the information flow in the public places (museums, movie theaters etc.)?

Wayfinding – Wayshowing system: when the signage system is changeable/flexible according to the physical parameters of a human body. (E.g. when the sigs move according to the people’s height).

To create the interface (interface behavior) – form, that could communicate its function. In the wayfinding system, how could it be implemented to “utter” its function?

Informative + emotional wayfindihg.

Take decisions according to our bodies. Wayfinding of places and wayfinding of decisions.

“Alive” information space: while we perceive and interact with some digital information (e.g. reading news) an appropriate surrounding approach could be created. It is a temporary effect, just “while we are doing something digitally”.

System – inspires people but according to the previous data it has received (“digitally perceived”).

Processes in the human body – lead to – emotions

What if Humans could be considered as these “Processes” that could lead to the “digital” emotions?

******* I have some visuals as well to better explain what I am talking about.


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