Ontologies: Hierarchical, Heterarchical, Non-contiguous

Project format:

Mini sections, corresponding hierarchical and heterarchical (‘net’) ontologies for browsing/displaying.

Inferface like this:


Non-contiguous or overlapping ontologies  (latent semantic indexing too?)

Iterative ontologies

dynamic/adaptive ontologies –


Process of indexing/recompiling:

1) write works

2) categorize

– create hierarchy

– tag hierarchically

– modify hierarchy

– tag heterarchically

– relate heterarchies

– relate heterarchies to hierarchies

– run latent semantic indexing

3) browse via heterarchy and overlapping hierarchies via relations

4) compose new material/repeat

Evolutionary robotics

Luc Steels – robotic language

Engines of creation by Drexler

Christopher Langdon – artificial life

Tom Ray – alife

Crutchfield – Santa Fe Institute

‘Machinic’ Darwinian individuality


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