Interface between the Body and Environment

Links to a number of articles discussing the Human gut Microbiology.

* Ley RE, Turnbaugh PJ, Klein S, Gordon JI (December 2006). “Microbial ecology: human gut microbes associated with obesity”. Nature 444 (7122): 1022–3. doi:10.1038/4441022a. PMID 17183309.

* Environmental microbiology: You are what you eat. Andrew Jermy. Nature Reviews Microbiology 8, 387-387 (June 2010) doi:10.1038/nrmicro2372

The authors note that individual organisms and entities technically “outside” of the body (taking into account the single-holed tube topological view) can have profound affects on it. These articles question the typical “compartmentalization” view of cells and larger organisms. Once again, this is interesting for our discussion of interfaces.


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