multiple assemblages

excerpts from materializing new media, by anna munster…

Considering the digital as machinic, then, means that we think about technology as a part of an ensamble that differentially combines the capacities and functions of its matter flows in relation to the other elements of that assemblege. Thus we cannot know ahead of time the actual nature of technological forms or technologically inflected formations. The machinic is not a model for producing a global morphogenisis of technologies. But given that one limit of the machinic pulls specific elements such as the digital toward a dynamic manifold of virtualities, we can say confidently that there will always be other ways for conceiving of, manifesting, and experiencing digital culture.

_  anna munster

Our world is  govered not only by non-linear dynamics, which makes detailed prediction and control impossible, but also by non-linear combinatorics, which implies that the number of possible mixtures of meshwork & heirarchy of command and market or centralization and decentralization are immense and that we simply cannot predict what the emergent properties of these combinations will be.
_manuel de landa


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Alexandria I. Jarvis Master of Graphic Design '12 North Carolina State University

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