around the physical-digital corner

It’s a small world after all…

I wandered into a gallery in Chelsea in July 2010. Little did I realize this gallery space was Eyebeam, a collaborative art and technology center. I was to exhausted at the time to pay much attention to the exhibit but grabbed a pamphlet. Today I came across the pamphlet for that exhibition. It was quite a disorienting exhibition layout in terms of both the gallery space and the pamphlet. However, I was delighted to rediscover the badly designed exhibition guide as it guided me to rediscover familiar and unfamiliar new media artists.

A familiar name, Evan Roth, who I had discovered a few months ago. Through Roth I found the Free Art and Technology Lab (FAT).

Reconstituting the Physical: Dead Drops

Through my exploration of FAT projects I was particularly delighted by the project Dead Drops which was created by Aram Bartholl, a German media artist who collaborated at both Eyebeam and FAT .

In reference to my interests: There is a reconstitution of the physical act of sharing in the digital act of sharing. With the original dead drop, the brick wall becomes an augmented landmark. It situates the file sharer not only within a specific and atypical environment but draws them into a particular stance/relationship with the wall.  The process/performance/participation of sharing becomes the purpose in and of itself. Time, space, and delight are just around the digital/physical corner.


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Alexandria I. Jarvis Master of Graphic Design '12 North Carolina State University

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