einstein on the beach

phillip glass reflecting on the work of robert wilson

…a theatrical sense of  time space and movement


an outside review of einstein on the beach

…then with no consious awareness I crossed a threshhold and found that the music was touching me, carrying me with it. I began to percieve within it a whole world where change happens slowly and carefully, that each harmony or rhythmic addition or subtraction seemed ____


on phase synchronization

…work based on the extended repetition of breif elegant fragments that weave in and out of an aural tapestry, deviod of tradtional western musical events.

… immersed in a sort of sonic weather that twists, turns surrounds, develops

… sounds like wheels inside of wheels


* quotes from box set insert of Eienstien on the Beach, a 5 hour opera composed by Phillip Glass and directed and designed by Robert Wilson, originally featuring dancer Lucinda Childs




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Alexandria I. Jarvis Master of Graphic Design '12 North Carolina State University

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