cinematic architecture

Based on the Cinematic Architecture Manifesto by Pascal Schoning the book Cinematic Architecture features a collection of projects conducted by students in the Architectural Association of London.

memory becomes a reconstruction of the past while time leaves the imprint of its power of incompletion

the past lies in wait for its reconstruction

architecture as an approach to time transparency

time based architectural construction

a time spaciality

matter times process equals physicality

a solid state/materialistic architecture ———-> energized everchanging process of illuminated and enlightening event appearances

we question the idea of a spacial permanence as a basis for design and its only outcome

architecture as light
…precise deployment of light as a device to challenge accepted perceptions of physical reality


See also


The Invisible Shapes of Things Past (1995-2007)

The Invisible Shapes of Things Past are parametric translations of movies into space. Single frames from a film sequence are lined up in space,

according to the camera movement with which they were shot. Through this translation of single frames consisting of single pixels

(picture elements) into space, objects of voxels (volume elements) are generated.


About alexandria
Alexandria I. Jarvis Master of Graphic Design '12 North Carolina State University

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