Body ↔ Architecture relationalities.

Body ↔ Architecture relationalities. [what might these be?]
Body as a multi-modal sensing machine.
Interface potentials inspired by the body – eg sensing etc.
Interface potentials that are nested into architecture.
Philosophical ideas embodied in architecture.
Being inspired by this sensing machine and giving these attributes to architecture…
Abstracting aspects of the functionality of the body into the architecture.
Making the architecture “intelligent”.
Making the architecture responsive.
Augmenting human intellect with intelligent architecture.
Making a dynamic loop between person and environment.
Redefining the role of architecture and it’s relation to the human.

1st person – How do I come to know architecture?
Can you examine what interests you about architecture through introspection?

I have attached a paper of mine:



See Overview of Intelligent Architecture”>

Intelligent Architecture: Embedding Spaces with a Mind for Augmented Interaction”>

Responsive Architecture Blog”>

Nox – Lars Spruybrok”>
see books

Greg Lynn – Form”>

Tangible Media Group”>

Responsive Environments Group”>″>”> – intelligent interior architecture


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