Trettien Quote

“Interestingly, the reader, left to navigate this web herself, emerges as the primary agent of meaning. It’s the reader who must carefully check metadata for clues of corruption and read reviews to be sure she isn’t buying, for example, a bowdlerized “Little Humanist Classic.” It’s also the reader who must discern typographic clues. (If the typography in a “facsimile” edition of an early modern text looks nineteenth-century, chances are it’s a GoogleBooks scan of a censored Victorian edition. Because the term “censorship” is culturally relative, even nineteenth-century editions purporting to be “complete and full renditions” often are not.) When Amazon lumps POD books together with scholarly critical editions, it’s up to the reader to become a literate surfer and sorter of information.”
Whitney Trettien,

I’ve talked with my friend Hiram Rogers about ‘web diction’, the new vocabulary and grammar appearing in chat forums, product review sites, help forums and blogs across the web. His poetry employs this to, I think, great effect.

Whitney is identifying a phenomenon that reminds me of web diction. I want to resist it because it seems dangerous


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