Seaman/Rossler Quote

“But, if two such machines interact in a cross-caring manner, each can be
stopped in an attempt to simulate in favour of the other’s goals. In this case, the invention of an ‘hallucinated other centre of optimization’ occurs. This is the invention of ‘benevolence’. This presents a much more interesting mode of functioning of the system than simple locomotion. It will be nec- essary to build two such machines to enable such coupling to completely understand the emergence of foreign controlledness within the system, along with its stopping to function as a subconscious optimizer. Actually the invention of the subconscious by Freud corresponds to the rediscovery of the old lack of consciousness mode in the brain. The real surprise is the emergence of a conscious giving up of the original unconscious identity through the emergence of a simulated existence that is benevolent, towards another simulated consciousness, also internally represented by the same system. So strangely, consciousness is not implied in the machine itself but only in a kind of paranoic creation out of nothing within the machine. The ghost of consciousness has no substratum in the hardware or software of the system. It is pure fiction but it is the only agent to be found.”
Seaman B, Rossler O. Neosentience – a new branch of scientific and poetic inquiry related to artificial intelligence. Technoetic Arts: a Journal of Speculative Research. 2008;6(1):31-40.

It seems here misguided to believe benevolence dependent upon a ‘hallucination’ or an instnace of ‘foreign controlledness’. Instead, show benevolence as arising out of empathy, and seeded upon mutually entrained behavior (non-vertibrate grooming, sharing, mating).


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